Above de “C” as in Camping

Les Deux de Pique (Canada)


American Premiere. Meet the GoldenCrusts. Grace and Kevin are professional campers, and they're setting up their Goldenmobile in your city!




60 minutes


Cement Pad


Thu 7/21 @ 6:00PM
Fri 7/22 @ 7:45PM
Sat 7/23 @ 6:15PM
Sun 7/24 @ 2:00PM




Recommended For

All Ages


Circus, Immersive/Interactive, Improvisation, Physical Theatre



above the c with splash


We invite you to meet the GoldenCrusts. Grace and Kevin are freshly returned from a trip to Florida, and they're setting up camp in Public Square! The GoldenCrust Family is a theatrical production focusing on circus arts and physical comedy with a heavy dose of cheesiness. These two snowbirds have some highly unusual talents and they can't wait to share them with you! Gather around their RV to witness their exceptional circus comedy show. They have been preparing and refining the finest parts of their amazing production “Above the Sea and Beyond." However, due to logistical constraints they may not have all of the technicians, dancers, or pyrotechnics of the original....due to there only being two of them....but that won't stop Grace and Kevin!

Bring a chair or blanket to sit on!

Created by Tamara Bousquet and Philippe Trépanier

Les Deux de Pique (Canada)



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Additional Info

The story of the company Les Deux de Pique begins in 2015, with the meeting of Tamara Bousquet and Philippe Trépanier, and they have been sharing the stage in many different performances ever since. Lending a hand to the duo's creative process is Nicolas Boivin-Gravel, circus artist and head coach at Cirque Éloise. The easygoing collaboration between these three artists has kept the work they create accessible, touching and absolutely full of absurd humor. Wanting to take their collaboration further, the company Les Deux de Pique was founded. A Common passion for the art of clowning brings the three members of Les Deux de Pique together.

A couple on and off of the stage, Tamara Bousquet and Philippe Trépanier have been performing and creating circus shows for some of the largest companies in the world for more than 15 years. A few notable companies they have performed with include Cirque du Soleil, The Seven Fingers, GOP Variety Theatre (Germany), and Palazzo (Germany/Austria).

Since the beginning of their careers, the company's founders have entertained thousands of audiences of all ages, throughout North and South America, Europe and Oceania. Their goal for the future is to continue their mission of sharing their love and passion for the circus arts, and the art of clowning.

This show was created in July and August, 2020, with the support of the Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec and Montreal Arts Council.


Photo Credit(s): Bridget Caswell

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