The BorderLight Festival is committed to advancing equity and inclusion. We aspire to reflect the diversity of our community at every level of the organization, and to serve as a platform for sharing different perspectives on the human experience.

These values are inherent to our mission to present visionary international theatre and build cross-cultural understanding.

Our goals include:

  • Committing time and resources to ensure diversity in our board, staff, vendor selection and volunteer corps.
  • Diverse programming and audiences.
  • Leveraging the festival to create opportunities for local artists, especially artists of color.
  • Amplifying voices that have been underrepresented due to systemic inequities and exclusion on the basis of race, nation of origin, gender, gender identity, sexuality, disability, age, education, ethnicity, or economic circumstances.

The BorderLight Festival was conceived to bridge cultural and social divides. As theatre presenters, we believe it is in sharing stories and bearing witness that we all build our capacity for empathy and understanding. Our stages are platforms for artists who reflect a range of identities and nationalities. Their performances provide a shared experience that connects us and allows us to reckon with our histories and imagine new futures.

It is our goal to be intentional, transparent, and accountable in our pursuit of these goals. We are tracking data that will make the organization’s diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts measurable and shareable. We will continually update and report our progress and will continue to hold ourselves accountable in the months and years ahead. We invite your input as we evolve to fulfill our mission.