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Bees is a joyful, interactive work in which children are welcomed into a world of community, communication, wonder, and imagination. Polyglot is working in partnership with Inlet Dance Theatre to deliver this season.


Free (not ticketed)


30 minutes


Eastman Reading Garden


Thu 7/21 @ 3:00PM
Thu 7/21 @ 4:00PM
Fri 7/22 @ 4:00PM
Fri 7/22 @ 5:00PM
Fri 7/22 @ 7:00PM
Fri 7/22 @ 8:00PM
Sat 7/23 @ 12:30PM
Sat 7/23 @ 1:30PM
Sat 7/23 @ 4:00PM
Sat 7/23 @ 6:00PM




Recommended For

All Ages


Immersive / Interactive, Dance, Children's Theater



bees with splash


Bees is designed for children aged 4 - 11 and their families.

Explore a buzzing, humming hive of activity, as three human-sized Bees busy themselves in the creation of a community alongside children who transform into bees as they play. The bees are fascinating, strange and beautiful, traversing invisible pathways and mapping delicate patterns across the performance space.

Inspired by the mysterious life and work of bees, this re-imagining of public space involves the slow uncovering of an intricate unseen world. Children are immersed in the sounds, shapes and scents of the bee world, from their familiar buzz to honeycomb houses. Bees uses ritual, non-verbal communication and the secret world of bee movement to provide a range of access points for children to participate.

Polyglot is working in partnership with Inlet Dance Theatre to deliver this season.

Created by Polyglot Theatre.

Polyglot is working in partnership with Inlet Dance Theatre to deliver this season.

Creative team:
Tirese Ballard
Nick Barlow
Lachlan MacLeod
Steph O’Hara
Morwenna Schenck
Emily Tomlins
Afsaneh Torabi
Laurel Frank (design mentor)

Bees was developed through The Generator, the program that expands Polyglot’s artistic voice by inviting our core artists to engage strongly in our vision. The Generator is a long-term commitment to Polyglot’s artistic vibrancy.

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Polyglot Theatre is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

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Additional Info

Polyglot places children at the heart of our art. Our vision is of a world where all children are powerful: artistically, socially and culturally.

Polyglot Theatre is a world-renowned contemporary theatre company based in Melbourne, Australia, making exceptional arts experiences for children and families. Our unique brand of theatre encompasses a wide variety of forms and is shared with audiences everywhere, from the world’s most prestigious theatres to the football grounds of regional Australia. Polyglot’s artistic and philosophical approach of child-centred practice has earned us a strong reputation at home and abroad as a leader in the Theatre for Young Audiences sector, celebrated for creating distinctive, participatory works that are playful and conceptually rigorous. Access is central to our work at Polyglot, driven by the right of all children to experience growth and resilience through creative play.

Bees is a universally accessible experience. The performers do not use spoken language – there is no English language barrier. Children and families choose how they engage with the performers and the space, moving around as they like.


Photo Credit(s): Theresa Harrison

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