Night Just Before the Forest

Lazaros Theodorakopoulos



60 mins


Cleveland State University (CSU)

Black Box Theatre


7/25 @ 9:00pm
7/26 @ 5:30pm
7/27 @ 6:30pm




Recommended For

Ages 18+ (Adults Only)


One-Person Show, Scripted Play


Adult Launguage

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NIGHT JUST BEFORE THE FOREST is described as “an unstoppable monologue that must be uttered. Not sure where it came from. As definite and unknown as love, life and death is. Will you find the words to say what you want to say? Will you manage to love, live, or die? Will you manage to finish this monologue?"

NIGHT JUST BEFORE THE FOREST (written in 1977) was Koltès’ first widely acclaimed play. He is considered to be heir to Samuel Beckett, Jean Cocteau and Jean Genet and his plays have been translated into more than 36 languages. Koltès died of complications from AIDS in 1989.

Written by Bernard-Marie Koltès, translated by Timothy Johns

Lazaros Theodorakopoulos - Performer/Producer
Bill Bowers - Director

Lazaros Theodorakopoulos


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Additional Info

Borderlight Theatre Festival Includes Bernard-Marie Koltès Ohio Premiere

Lazaros Theodorakopoulos produces and stars in the tour-de-force solo play Night Just Before the Forest

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Originally from Greece, Theodorakopoulos has been an actor in NYC and Greece for twelve years and began collaborating on this production with Bowers in 2021. Both studied acting at the legendary William Esper Studio.

2024 Tour
April 5,6,12,13 at Mabou Mines Studio in NYC
April 27, 28 at Oregon Fringe Festival
July 24-27 at Borderlight Theater Festival in Ohio
August 12-18 at St Lou Fringe Festival

In the US, Timothy Johns' translation (1982) was first read by Gilbert Price on June 13, 1983 at Ubu Repertory Theater in New York and first performed by Kevin V. Smith (directed by E Barnick) in 2012 at Viaduct Theater in Chicago.

THEODORAKOPOULOS produced and starred in the 2022 New York run of Koltes’ play (in another English translation) at the Archdiocesan Hellenic Cultural Center. The 2024 tour, which began in New York on April 5, is Theodorakopoulos' second run of ""La Nuit juste avant les forêts"" by Bernard-Marie Koltès, translated by Timothy Johns and includes Bernard-Marie Koltès premiere in Oregon, Ohio and Missouri.

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