The Shadow of the Clock

Radio on the Lake Theatre


The Shadow of the Clock is an immersive audio theater experience. The audience will be blindfolded throughout the performance, and the actors and sound effects artists will move around them, providing audio drama from a unique perspective.


30 minutes


Idea Center at Playhouse Square

Miller Classroom


Thursday 8/3 @ 7:45PM
Friday 8/4 @ 7:00PM
Saturday 8/5 @ 7:45PM




Recommended For

Ages 14+


Immersive/Interactive, Physical Theatre, Scripted Play


Audience members will be blindfolded for this performance; however, they may opt out of wearing the blindfold, to listen and imagine however they choose.


ADA Accessible, Restrooms

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The Shadow of the Clock is a radio play mystery performed by two actors. A man receives a written death threat which says he will die at midnight. The play takes place in his locked apartment, with the only other character being the detective he hires to prevent the murder. The play unfolds in real time from eleven thirty five to midnight as the characters grow to trust each other less and less and try to predict and prevent the cause of death waiting for them at the play's finale. Performed before a blindfolded audience, The Shadow of the Clock offers the strange and unique experience where a play's audience and its characters attempt to do the same thing: imagine what they cannot see. This half hour original play by Luke Brett is not only a suspenseful riddle, but also an escalating human scene exploring our fascination with death, the emotions that come in the face of death, and the power of a frightened imagination.

Written by Luke Brett

Luke Brett - actor
Tim Keo
John Watts
Caroline Breder-Watts
Jess Uguccini
Lauren Anthony
Victoria Watts
Em Beer

Radio on the Lake Theatre


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Additional Info

Radio on the Lake Theatre is a professional theater company specifically dedicated to the creative development and educational outreach of the audio arts.

Garnering inspiration from the classic radio dramas of the 20th Century, the company creates opportunities for a new generation through script development, voice acting and sound effects instruction, educational initiatives and outreach to underserved communities, including visually impaired children and adults. Radio on the Lake Theatre seeks to become a guiding light for audio drama and podcasting in the Northeast Ohio region and beyond.

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