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Wizbang! Variety Circus MAYHEM!

Welcome to my House

Three Countries, One Mother

The Shadow of the Clock

The Peek-a-Booth

The Light House

The Expiration Date: A work in progress

The Blake & Ollie Show

Tesha; An “Other” Look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg

SUNDAZE at the Fringe with Tania Timmons & Ramon Rivas

Step Nine

SongCraft [SOLD OUT]

Snowflakes on the Patio

Revealing: BURLESQUE

Public Fransit

Poetry Free Cleveland

Marie Curie Horror Story

Living on the Moon

Journey to the Kingdom of Hypnos

It’s a Match!

It’s A Lot Going On

I Stumbled Through a Magic Portal and All I Got Was This Dumb T-Shirt

I Know It Was The Blood: The Totally True Adventures of a Newfangled Black Woman

I Am But a Whisper

Her Mark

GYM Shorts: Presented by the Playwrights’ GYM


Fairy in the Lake


Doncan’s Execution: A Scene from Tropico Macbeth By John Rivera-Resto

Dear Cleveland: The Polyphonic Soliloquies

Code Red: A Drag Manifesto

Cleveland Public Theatre’s STEP (Student Theatre Enrichment Program)

BUTT Why?? An ass-inine show about our cushiest asset

The Small Garden

The Last Hurrah

Not A Uterus In Sight

Pinch and Squeal’s Wizbang!

Dancing Wheels Quest for Equality

The Pink Hulk: One Woman’s Journey to Find the Superhero Within

Raj Suresh and Amanda Averell

Poncili Creación

CANCELED – Perhaps, Perhaps… Quizás

Pedro Gonzalez and Tania Timmons


Above de “C” as in Camping